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FAQ – Process

Is the information I’m providing online secure and confidential?

Our online questionnaire is processed through HotDocs Document Services, which is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform and builds in robust security features, such as SSL/TLS encryption.

What if I have questions during this process? What if I have questions after I am done?

During the process, you are welcome to e-mail your questions to us so that an attorney can answer them during your phone conference or in-person meeting to sign your documents. After the process is completed, you may contact us directly with questions, and we will bill on an hourly basis for our time communicating with you. Alternatively, you are invited to visit a future program presentation at which you may ask questions without charge.

Can I bring my child with special needs to the meeting where I sign the documents in your office?

During the meeting, we will be reviewing your documents and the implementation of your new estate plan. Because the material can be complicated, we strongly recommend that you attend the meeting without your child so that you can give your full attention to the material.  Unfortunately, we are unable to provide child care.

What if I change my mind regarding document choices during the program?

After you submit your document choices, we will confirm those choices via e-mail for your review. If you have any corrections or desire any changes, you must request them prior to or during your attorney phone consultation. After that time, changes are not permitted.

What if I change my mind regarding document choices after I have signed the documents?

If you desire to make changes to your documents after you have signed them, you may contact our office with your desired changes, and we will bill on an hourly basis for the time required to update your documents. Alternatively, if your desired changes fit within the limitations of the program, you could participate in a future program, subject to availability.

Will I be able to speak privately with an attorney during the process?

You will be given two separate opportunities to consult with an attorney to have your questions addressed: first during your initial phone consultation and then again during your in-person meeting to sign your documents. As a participant in the program, you would be welcome to submit your questions via e-mail in advance of your call or meeting so that the attorney would be prepared to address them at that time.

What is the sequence of events for participating in the program?

There are two stages to the program: the presentation stage and the planning stage.

To get started in the first stage, follow our Steps to Participate:

View Steps to Participate

After attending the presentation, follow these steps for the planning stage:

View Next Steps and Deadlines
What if I can’t meet the identified deadlines/target dates for submitting information, scheduling calls, etc.?

In order for this program to be sustainable, the program deadlines must be followed.  We encourage potential participants to review the steps and deadlines for the planning stage of the program, which begins after the presentation:

View Next Steps and Deadlines

If you feel that these deadlines would not be feasible at this time, please do not register for the presentation and instead sign up to receive notification of future presentations.

Are there any eligibility limitations for program participation?

Although we wish the program could serve every family with a child that has special needs, in order to meet the program’s mission and serve many families throughout the year with the program’s available resources, we have established a number of initial eligibility limitations.

View Eligibility Limitations
How often is the program offered?

The program is typically offered once or twice a year.

"I was surprised at how easy and painless this process was. Just a little time filling in the online questionnaire and we had a complete set of documents as promised, with wonderful personal attention from Rivkin & Rivkin’s lawyers and staff and no upselling of other products. This is a genuine effort to help families with special needs children and I’m very grateful for it."

– J.S. of Libertyville

"Rivkin & Rivkin really understands the needs of families caring for a family member who has a rare illness and related developmental needs. We are very grateful for the special needs estate planning services provided."

– Anonymous

"An amazing, life changing program, complete and satisfying from beginning to end. Thank you to all of the individuals from Rivkin & Rivkin who devoted their time to this program."

– M.B. of Northbrook